Fashion Comes Back: Past Style Trends Emerging Now

Fashion Comes Back: Past Style Trends Emerging Now

There are a lot of innovative modern ideas that come out in the fashion world every year, but much of what you see walking down the runways and dancing across the night clubs actually originated many years in the past. While new styles are developed each year, bits and pieces of fashion past also come back into style.

In most cases, those bits and pieces of fashion past are blended into modern concepts so they appear to almost be new ideas entirely. Or, in some cases a blast from the past will come back in full color without any modern tones at all.

So, what are the bits and pieces of fashion past being picked up in our current fashion world? You might be a bit shocked at some old trends reappearing for 2011. Check them out and consider jumping on board to make your own fashion statement with a historical impact.

Retro Accessories

Accessories are an important aspect of fashion because they can make or break an outfit. You can have the most fabulous shirt and pants on but look completely out of place simply because your necklace is the wrong length or your boots look too dingy.

There are some flashbacks to the past being seen all around the world today with retro accessories. This is especially true with retro sunglasses. We have all seen those oversized frames walking into work or going out the door for a Saturday hike. These glasses are ultra fab right now, but they are also a flashback to the early days of sunglasses. It was not long ago that everyone was wearing small cat eye shaped frames, but today retro oversized is the way to make a statement or just blend in with all the other fashion glams.

Another retro accessory that is being seen a lot in modern times is the tie. Not only do men now walk out with really thin pencil ties that are reminiscent of years past, but women are throwing onies as well, typically with their vests which are fashion statements from the past as well.

One final accessory from the 80s that you will be seeing a lot of is the fat belt. Look for them around businesswomen and slung around the hips of teenagers.

Colors & Prints from the Past

Do not be surprised to walk into a college bedroom and see a mini skirt that looks like it was made from a 1980s tablecloth. Or, you can easily walk into any business office right now and find at least a few fashion forward (or backward?) Businesswomen wearing the bright, loud color palette last seen in the 80s. This is because bright colors and bold patterns rich with contrasting shapes is coming back in style right now.

You can see a lot of this reemerging trend on the sex in the City movies, but the influence is quickly trickling down to the masses so you can see it on any city street or country sidewalk as well.

From skin tight pencil skirts to tight vests squeezed over t-shirts, there certainly is a lot of fashion from the past coming back to the future. Sometimes it is a minority influence and at other times it is a slap in the face from the 1900s. Take a look around and ask where the style of your best friend or the lady at the next desk came from. You may be surprised to see hints of the past in their style.

Source by Shirley Applegate
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